Update 2012 – so far…

Hi All,

I haven’t written a post in so very long, so I thought I’d add something today.

Currently I’m trying to find the time to re-record my first album. Many people have asked about it, and so I thought it would be a great chance to make it sound a lot better than what it sounds like currently, and most of those hymns are my favourites, so I’d like to record them again.

Kieran and I are heading off on a cruise for a week or so to Vanuatu and New Caledonia for our anniversary at the end of Feb, it’s the first leap year day since we got married 4 years ago, and so I’d like to make it something big. It’ll be fun and different, and NOTHING like the Costa Concordia!

On a sadder note, I found out today that one of my idols passed away. Whitney Houston was such a talent… It’s so sad that she died so young. May she rest in peace…

Other than that, I hope everyone else is well and looking after themselves… Get in contact with me if you’d like to email and keep in touch! Thanks!


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