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If you would like to purchase ALL of Koren’s albums including One Day At A Time, You Are Near and Still, our special rate for you is $50 for all 3!!! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!!!

I had to upload this, just because every time I listen to it, it makes me want to cry. This is a very old recording (not a very good quality recording unfortunately) of my Mum, my Aunty, my Grandmother and God-mother singing ‘Nearer My God To Thee’. Honestly it’s the only time I have really felt sorry for being an only child. I wish I could sing with my sister and my mother, but, don’t think I’m ungrateful. I am VERY happy, lucky and privileged to sing with my mother, father and husband. So have a listen, and please drop me an email if you’d like to share your thoughts. I love this sound, so raw and beautiful.

Here are a few samples from Koren’s latest album – Still:


This is (technically) Koren’s fourth album, which was recorded for her wedding.

It isn’t for sale, so we thought we’d put it on the net for everyone to listen too and enjoy.


The Third Album – You Are Near:


The Second Album – One Day At A Time:


The Debut Album – In God Alone: SOLD OUT

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