Almost done!!!

It’s SOOOOO exciting!!! The album is almost done!!! A little but more singing, lots of mixing and a little bit of time and it’ll be complete!!!

Just to let everyone know, that it will be released on the 31st of October for All Souls Day at Kemps Creek Cemetery. It’ll feature songs and hymns including You Raise Me Up, Gentle As Silence, Softly and Tenderly and the title track Still.

I can’t wait to see everyone there, and remember to keep a look out for the album – Still

New Album…

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but a heads up to all, A new album is coming!!!

This album will be hymns to Mary, so if any one has some hymns they love, please send me an email with requests and I’ll see what I can do. Also, I think I’m looking for a stain glass window with Mary in it, if anyone knows a gorgeous window that I’d be able to take a picture of for the cover, please let me know as well!!!

Take care!!!

Koren on Facebook!

Hi all,

I’m addicted to facebook, and decided that I should have my own fanpage, so I’d LOVE for you to join the page, I’ll be updating both of these as time goes on. It’ll be a running commentary of the new album and what’s coming up in my world.

Just click the link below, and it should work (well, that’s what Facebook said anyway)…

Koren Beale | 

Take care,


World Tour

Hi Everyone,

Its been a long time, but Kieran and I have been so many places in the last year and done so much in the last year, it’s been hard to keep up.

We toured with the choir for 6 weeks, and then toured on our own (with mum) for another 5 weeks. We started in Hong Kong to Helsinki – Finland to London – England to Den Haag – Amsterdam to Paris – France, Salzburg & Vienna Austria to Denmark to Sweden to Gdansk & Warsaw – Poland and finally stopping in Norfolk – Conneticut, Virginia Beach – Virginia, Huntsville – Alabama, Disneyland – Anaheim, and San Francisco – California. Can you imagine all of that in 6 weeks with 56 people, all their luggage, AND 37 pieces of sound gear (the sound gear alone was 400 kgs), traveling for 6 weeks together, catching planes, boats, trains and buses everywhere!!! Big time Kudos to Warren and Narelle for the 3 years of hard work and organisation they put into the tour. It was incredible.

After we left the choir in San Francisco, met up with mum and traveled to Anchorage – Alaska, Las Vegas – Nevada, Grand Canyon – Phoenix and Los Angeles – California. We stayed with a close friend in LA named Koren, we had an awesome time with him and his brother and mates.

Much to Kieran’s dismay, I have fallen head over heals in love with America, and hope to be back there soon, maybe even do a little singing there.

A new album might come out of this… keep an eye out, and I’ll let you know!!!

Koren xxx

Married!!! – Finally…

Kieran and I tied the knot today! It was a fantastic day – the weather was incredible, Kieran looked wonderful and it couldn’t have been a better day! We even had an article in The Maltese Herald!

Thank you to all who helped and made the day so special! A link is coming soon so you can see some other pictures as well if you like.

Koren & Kieran on their Wedding day

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